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Admissions – Primary In-Year Applications

Admissions – Primary In-Year Applications

Admission Arrangements

Applying for a school place for your child can sometimes be a daunting and complicated process but we hope this page helps you to understand the statutory guidance and how to apply at the different stages of your child’s education.

Normal Year of Entry

Applications for school admissions that take place in the September of each year are administered through Essex County Council and applications can be made online via .  Their website also has a copy of the Primary and Secondary School admissions booklets detailing all schools in the area.

Copies of the admission arrangements for each academy within our family of schools can be viewed at the bottom of this page.

Timeline of Applications

31 October Deadline for applications for a secondary school place
15 January Deadline for applications for a primary or junior school place
1 March National offer day for secondary school places
16 April National offer day for primary and junior school places
31 August Deadline for late applications to the LA, i.e. those received after 31 October (secondary) or 15 January (primary)


For applications into existing year groups, a place will be offered when the number of pupils in the relevant year group is below the admission number for that year group.

Please note: if a mid-year application is received during a school holiday period, we will respond as soon as possible when the school reopens.

In-Year Applications

Applying for a place at a school after 31 August each year, or applying to change your child’s school during the year, are referred to as “in-year” admissions.

Secondary In-Year:  To apply for an in-year admission place for a secondary aged child please contact the school directly.

Primary In-Year:  To apply for an in-year admission place for a primary aged child please either complete the online form below by clicking on the link or print the application form and complete.

Printed and completed application forms can either be scanned/photographed and sent to: primaryinyearadmissions@sigmatrust.org.uk


Hard copies of the completed form can be sent in the post to: Primary In-Year Admissions, The ý, Tendring Education Centre, Jaywick Lane, Clacton-on-Sea, Essex CO16 8BE

The ý is the admissions authority for all academies within our family of schools. The admission policies for all our schools are shown below by clicking on the relevant link.  Admission policies are determined annually by Trustees, including:

  • Compliance with The School Admissions Code’s statutory requirements;
  • The agreement of the annual published admissions number (PAN);
  • The over-subscription criteria that will be applied to the allocation of places should an individual academy have more applications than it has school places to offer.